Trash area open for use

The new trash area is 90% complete but ready for use. The roof material is on back order.

Please use the latches to keep the big doors shut.

Elevator repair & Trash Area: Update and Installation

Elevator: Repairs were performed on the top of the elevator on Tuesday to stop the leaking and dripping down along the wall.

Trash Area: Our Trash area is nearly completely fabricated and installation should commence within the next two weeks. It is going to look great! See pictures below:

(218) 282-8792

  • Mary Lou planted flowers for us by the Leithgow street gate.
  • Trash area final drawings have been approved. There has been some difficulty procuring the type of wood we need. Installation tentatively set for first two weeks of June.
  • The board is reviewing several estimates for the elevator roof and stair repairs and care.

Gate and Ants

We are aware of the gate issues and Ed is coordinating on getting them addressed.

Ants are starting to gather outside the build ing. Placed ant bait around the perimeter. If individual units have issues please let management know so we can formulate a plan on comprehensive building wide extermination if necessary.

Seasonal Exterior Maintenance

Replaced bulb outside unit 101 rear.

Placed mosquito traps around property (small pots with donut looking pesticide in them)

Sprayed fly and mosquito repellant around property.

Trash Area: Update

Applied Urban Solutions was here today to take the final measurements for the trash area. Shop drawings for the board to approve will follow. Once they are approved we will let you know and have a better idea of the exact installation date. The existing trash area has been moved to the other side of the common area and will remain moved until installation so that workers can lay materials as necessary.


Everyone’s mail keeps getting mixed up because, apparently, the names are not clear enough for the mail people and/or the mail people cannot read.  We ordered laser-engraved mail plaques for everyone.


Summary of board and management company actions throughout late February and March:

  • Trash Area: paid trash area builder down payment so that he can start ordering and building materials. Estimated early April installation.
  • Elevator Access Keypad: Investigated possibility of elevator keypad reprogramming with certified installer and keypad vendor technical support and successfully reset and confirmed secure keypad access.
  • Security Camera: successfully reinstalled and connected exterior security camera for 24/7 access.
  • Rain Run-off Issues: Met with Peter Pelosi from Prime Exterior renovations at 8 am on Saturday March 24 to investigate two problems:
    • The first is a rain dripping noise that is disturbing ground floor residents.  Peter will be installing a temporary patch to see if the issue abates and, if so, will install a permanent fix.
    • The second issue deals with water from the top of the elevator running down the exterior wall and causing the third floor buttons to malfunction. This was prompted by 3rd floor resident requests to address the issue.
  • Lawrence Street Gate: investigated possible solution reducing Lawrence street gate slamming noise by reversing Lawrence Street gate so that it opens and closes towards adjacent building.
  • Elevator Buttons: dried and temporarily sealed 3rd floor elevator buttons in response to 3rd floor resident requests to address the issue. This has proved to at least temporarily solve the issue of the elevator buttons not responding and/or the elevator being called to the 3rd floor.
  • Light Bulbs: Ordered light bulbs to replace exterior lights as needed. Removed casing and placed temporary light bulb in second floor until they arrive.
  • Snow removal – Ensured that snow was cleared in two major storms and clarified that parking spaces are limited common elements owed by residents.  Snow removal on the physical space of the spot is technically owner responsibility. The building is only responsible for clearing a path along common elements that lead to resident spaces so that residents can safely reach them.
  • Budget: studied and evaluated budget in anticipation of future required exterior improvements to reseal and paint exterior staircase and wood.


We’ve finally collected enough money from the special assessment to make the required deposit for the trash area build.

Work should commence early April.